Creative Showcase Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All student submissions on the Creative Showcase must comply with the University’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy.

In summary, this stipulates that submitted showcases must not include content which could be considered as:

  • Breaking English law or breaching any University Policy or Regulation (including but not limited to policies or regulations covering such areas as harassment and discrimination).
  • Defamatory.
  • Of a terrorist nature.
  • Obscene, pornographic or paedophilic.
  • Discriminatory, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist when the context is a personal attack or might be considered harassment.
  • Bringing, or at risk of bringing, the University into disrepute.
  • Compromising, or at risk of compromising, the security, confidentiality, availability or integrity of the University’s ICT Resources in any way whatsoever.
  • Conveying sensitive or non-public personal data or information, e.g. personal phone numbers, addresses, passwords, bank or credit card details, etc.
  • Contravening license agreements or copyright obligations (see below for more guidance on copyright).
  • Using another user’s identity or otherwise disguises their own identity.


Content submitted should be created and owned by the student who submitted it, unless there is a valid reason for submitting work created by someone else and permission is given for this to be submitted, e.g. a video profile created by a fellow student. If any content is obviously copyrighted or clearly not the work of the student who submitted it without an obvious and valid reason, then this may be blocked from being published or removed from the site subsequently.

Responsibility for content

When submitting their showcases, we ask students to confirm that the work is theirs and that it conforms with the terms of use summarised above, so responsibility for content lies with the student who created the showcase.

All content submitted to the showcase is expected to have the appropriate permissions acquired from individuals who are recognisable in imagery or video content, for their likeness to be published on a public platform.

Reporting issues

If any visitors to the Creative Showcase site have a problem with a piece of content after publication, this can be reported via the site Report form.