Screen reader text for images

Screen reader text (also referred to as alternative text, alt text or an alt tag) is read out by screen readers or displayed if an image does not load or if images have been switched off.
All images should have descriptive text that:
  • tells people what information the image provides
  • describes the content and function of the image
  • is specific, meaningful and concise
The descriptions should be as concise as possible and use normal punctuation, including commas and full stops, so the text is easy to read and understand.
Images should not:
  • include the name of the photographer or person who created the image
  • start with ‘Image of’, ‘Graphic of’ or ‘Photo of’
  • repeat information from the page
  • include extra information not on the page
For more detail on alternative text for images and for examples of alternative text, please refer to this guidance from and/or this article on